I'm wonder if this pedal is rare or if they suck because I have never seen anyone on here ever talk about it or ever seen anyone selling one...

It's a Boss Hyper Fuzz (FZ-2)...

I have it and it sounds pretty good...

...So have you seen one are they rare or what?

is that the newish one?

everyone seemed to dissaprove of digital fuzz
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i think there's a bunch of fz-#'s. i played my friend's, didn't like it too much, but it was pretty decent when he used it.
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All I know is that Boss make one analog fuzz, might be discontinued. Then there's the digi one they have, which sucks.
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It was an a pedal around the time of the Hyper Metal... Amir Derakh uses one a lot in Orgy. IMO, they sound like total crap, and a lot of others thought so too. They do work for certain things though.