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personally, I think that people are being a little over sensitive. It's not meant as an insult, don't take it as one.


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reminds me of the Atom and His Package song "If You Own the Washington Redskins You're a Cock"

I like sports
There are some things I force myself to miss
like I never met an athlete I like in hockey
in Texas when it comes to native American nickname teams
Even within the contents of sports it's awful and mean

and you'll go wah wah wah you're so PC
and i will say hey wait my my my how have the table turns to be a ****ing prick is a desirable trait
while we're on the subject of changing team names there's no jazz in Utah
and few lakes in LA just this once give me the
benefit of the doubt the Bullets became the Wizards to pilots get out
and you'll go wa wa wa you're so PC
and i will say hey wait remind me again how it came to be
that being a stupid american is a desirable trait
wouldn't that be offensive if we cheered
"rah rah rah for the Carolina negroes with a beat box cheer and a big foam afro"
the Minnesota Vikings became the New York kikes with dollar bills on their helmets
cause thats what they're like ya know

Atom: What about the Saints, Angels, Padres, you ain't got the same thing for Christians that's offending you
When there's a Jesus Christ mascot dog shooting crucifixes
they nail to a cross dying to save the team
you'll be right, you'll be right but until then you're not right
so what's your take on Washington redskins
what's your take on the Cleveland Indians
what's your take on Washington redskins
what's your take on the Cleveland Indians
Anybody besides me offended by the Boston Celtics and their mascot? What about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish? These teams' insensitivity has caused my people insufferable pain, humiliation, and anguish AND IT MUST STOP NOW! Please drop whatever you're doing and throw your weight behind the campaign to put a stop to these unspeakable abuses.

lol thats my favorite comment

and yea, really, i mean the redskins might be a little bit offensive... but how is naming your school after an indian tribe offensive? Mascots are meant to be stupid and comical anyways, its not like theyre aiming to demean an entire group of people.
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the one team i noticed was missing there was the Chicago Blackhawks, no i don't know if its because that name or the team logo is deemed less offensive than others or because thisguy is unaware that professional hockey is indeed a sport in America

however, the Blackhawks are an original 6 NHL team, one of the league founders, as such have a special place in the history of the game (they've boasted greats like Stan Mikita, Denis Savard and Bobby Hull). So if the guy in the article is right, whats to be done, do we force the team to change its name? is it fair to do so?

Personally i think it is a little ridiculous, but as I'm not a aboriginal in either the united states or canada i can't speak for thier experience as far as these teams, logos and mascots are concerned. In the end Native groups don't seem to be kicking up a stink about these team names, logos or mascots, why is it up to some white journalist who doesn't have the same experiences as the supposed offended party to right this supposed injustice?

i don't know, i think the article writer was trying to make a big stink out of nothing
I'm also of American Indian lineage but I don't give a damn about the Redskins or any other athletic team with an Indian mascot. Despite what the author and Louis Gray might think, I don't suffer from the wrongs done to my ancestors, I'm not hurt by a harmless nickname (calling Indians "redskins" is no worse than calling descendants of Europeans "white"), and I am in no need of any "healing process." Thanks for the thought, Louis, but this kind of hypersensitivity only encourages pathetic people to dwell on their countless gripes instead of moving on with their lives.

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this is probably the best one mainly cuz it reminds myself of me when it comes to asian stereotypes and any such nonsense involving asains which relfects in my account name