"Green To Red"

Tensions of war arising
Visions of Hell
Flames forever burning
Where the last angel fell

(Instrumental Break)

Visions of gray and empty lights
Lost in the sea of endless nights
From Green to Red time passes by
Leaving me and the world behind

Grotesque thoughts in a line
Bound to die alone
Pitiless wanderer close your eyes
What lies beyond the sun, I'll never know
My only light beside me
Guides me day and night
Draining my apathy
Until the sun blinds my sight

(Repeat Chorus)

Betrayed thoughts by reality
I've become what I never wanted to be
Now that I'm in, I begin to see
I'm now a walking travesty

(Repeat Chorus)
(Guitar Solo)

As I start to see
I start to bleed
Just let me be
And someone please...
Save Me!

(Instrumental Break)
(Repeat Chorus)

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my last fail was breaking up with my gf.

that's going to suck for a while

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Well, not really haha!

overall I liked it, especially the intro and the chorus. the verse seemed a little choppy, and the rhyming in the bridge and outro parts seemed forced. usually more than 2-3 lines in one stanza that rhyme probably isn't a good idea. as a whole I thought it was very good, and has alot of potential to be a great song. 8.5/10