damn dude, i keep on messing up when it goes from the 3rd fret to the 6th fret
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Its the open E that gets me on that one.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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The Ballad of You and Me and Pooniel by Jefferson Airplane

It's hard because I can't find the tab to it. Nobody has it, not even 911tabs.com!!??

It doesn't actually sound that hard. It'd be easy to tab out, but I'm too lazy. Also I've never tried tabbing anything, so yeah....

PM me if any of you do tab it out.

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anything by green day

they've got some really challenging stuff

*cough*cough* bull$h!t *cough*cough*
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Smoke on the wate OMG so hard! Especialy the intro! Been wanting to learn that since i picked up a guitar!!!!
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i'd say it would be no boundaries by michael angelo batio
it's pretty ****in tough
look at it on youtube
you probly wont even believe what you've seen
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thank you for sharing your wisdom of the hardest song EVER!!!!!!
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*cough*cough* bull$h!t *cough*cough*

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I'd say freight train by nitro... No tabs exist for that song, I'm not even sure if Batio knows what he played there! Lol

I had him play it last time i saw him at music live. Its a pretty simple pattern but just played.. fast?

Mind you - try learn Duelling Banjos on the guitar.
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'search bar by use it' is the craziest sh*t that I've ever heard in my short life
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'search bar by use it' is the craziest sh*t that I've ever heard in my short life

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I have some comments.

Edusty, yes there are tabs for it. If you want one I'll email it to you. There are lots of songs that have no tabs.
Sohnly, that song is tough, But i'd personally in no way call it the hardest. For example, the Butcher, by Rusty Cooley is much harder imo.

Now the answer, is that there is no hardest song to play. FOr example, for a flamenco guitarist, the Butcher, by Rusty cooley would be impossible to play, but for a standard shred dude, some flamenco song would be nearly impossible. Then there's touch guitar, like Zack Kim and Stanley Jordan. There's not one "hardest song" to play--its different for different people.