Hi all on the Forum, I'm new here and this is my first posting!
I've been playing for 40 years and have owned 4 Vox AC 30s and one 18" Foundation bass I've never had the slightest problem.
Now, I've had my VoxCCX2 for a few months now and since Ive had it Ive been very happy with it and I would even say it's the best one Ive ever owned BUT!! Over this weekend I decided to have a jam, switched it on and It blew both fuses, HT and mains. I replaced them both, but only the red power light goes on, the green standby does not work, neither does the amp!! The problem is obviously deeper in the workings of the amp.

My qusetions are, can this be easily sorted out without losing my warranty and has anyone else had the same disappointing problem.
I look forward to any advice I can get,

Cheers, CC
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Cheers CC

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This really doesn't solve anything, but I'd call Vox first about the warranty
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they're not the best at responding, I used to have that amp, and I lost my footswitch cord, they only told me to ask an authorized dealer.
Gear: Framus Cobra - Homemade Warmoth guitar - Ibanez S470 - Alvarez acoustic
change the rectifier tube, its pretty simple and cost about 15 bucks
Yes, the first thing I would do it upgrade all the tubes, put in new fuses and take it from there.
I wouldn't do anything but take advantage of the warranty. Changing the tubes probably voids it.
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^ Yeah it probably indicates a dodgy or blown power tube drawing too much current, but the tubes probably shouldn't have gone that quickly, so it might be worth redeeming your warranty....
i had the same problems in my ac30, the ac30 comes with a ****ty rectifier tube. Changing the tubes shouldnt void the warrenty but im not sure