How do you guys find that Preamps and rack gear compares to just having stompboxes and such? I'm saving for a Mesa Solo Rectifier and some more stuff for my pedalboard, but do things such as a Rocktron Prophesy do the job well/better?

The Prophesy is a preamp and effects processor...if you already have a rectifier, there is no need for the preamp. All you want at this point are effects.

Processors cram a HUGE amount of options and tweakability into a small amount, with all of it being recallable at the touch of a button. Very useful for someone that wants to delve into effects. You'd need an IMMENSE ammount of pedals to match everything a processor can do.

This is ALL assuming you get a good processor.

On a side note, I have a Rocktron Xpression for sale....mint condition, in box, only used one to make sure it works. Great processor, and pairs very well with the Mesa's Parallel Effects loop. Let me know if you're interested!