Hi all,

In January, myself and a mate started to design a digital tremolo system. I won't go into the designs, but he owns an Ibanez RGT with a busted Edge III. So, I figured, why not get a cheap hardtail guitar to experiment with and see if this design's practical.

I noticed my local second-hand shop has a Cort KX5 for sale. It's metallic red (with a very sexy satin finish, imo), with dual humbuckers, a basswood body and a 24-fret neck. As a bonus, it's a hardtail, and they've got it up for £120! I know it's made in Indonesia, but I tried it and it felt solid. A bit of research reveals it to have Mighty Mite Motherbucker pickups, too.

What I'm wondering is, whether this is a good guitar to mod? The tremolo project would involve drilling the body, and although I can see how I could put the components in the cavity on the rear, would the body put up with being (sensibly) drilled?
Secondly, is this a good deal on one of these axes if the guitar is good? I can't find much by way of player experience on the forums, but the neck did feel pretty good to fret and it looks like my Ibanez S470 in red, but with string-thru where my ZR is. Also, since trying it, I actually can't stop thinking about it even though I have my Ibanez (sad I know ). What's your opinion?


Edit: for some more information on the guitar itself, I found a site:

Ibanez S470
Laney HCM30R
Digitech GNX3000
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well, in all honesty...

any guitar is a good guitar to mod, really.

just depends on what you like, and what you expect from it!

If you're expecting a HUGE sound, chances are you'll probably be let down, but for experiment's sake, give it a shot!

it's always fun for the experience either way.