I have just finished this one.

Its always gonna be a WIP, but its basically all done.

Its basically melodic death metal(i've been listening to as blood runs black recently )


Plus check out my other songs here please

Lyrics Courtesy of Kayleigh 
Wandering around so lonesome
No-one but her spirit and mind.
Although she see's them, she remains unseen,
A ghost, who is impossible to find.

A shadow of her former self, she was,
Literally of course, being a ghost.
And although she had no brains,
She was cleverer than most.

The school was her place to hang,
The students and teachers had no idea.
That a spirit such as she,
Remained so close to them. So near.

Whispering the answers to questions,
Unheard though always correct.
It gets so lonely, being ignored.
She could only dream of resurrect.

Walking on her own, She has no one, no home
Walking all alone, this girl has a heart of stone

Heart of stone.zip
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i actually really liked that. Reminded me a bit of All That Remains.

all of the riffs were good, and my favorite part was around 75 (?) the interlude thing.
You could really use a bass part there though....would be a nice investment if you plan on recording.

All of the riffs were good, some of the transitions were iffy, but no really noticeable mistakes.

The solo fit nicely, but there was like one or two spots where it kind of fought with the rhythm part, but it's probably just MIDI's awesome terribleness.

Very nice job, i'll give it a 9.5/10

Keep it up, record it, and get famous, i'd like a cd with material like this ;D

C4C ?