I prolly posted this song already before, but it was unfinished. I finally finished it up, vocals, instruments, triggers, everything. The quality took a hit because I dont know how to export music ANyway, check out the song in my profile, and lemme know what you think! C4C, all that good stuff.

Beginning: Nice death machine gun bass drums! The rest of the kit needs to be louder though.
Vocals start: Good death voice, though pretty incomprehensible. Nice growls.
Interlude: I like the choir/orchestration, it compliments the piece well, though I think it would be good if you panned the instruments a bit wider so that they're not in the same space as the guitar and drums etc.
Vocals again: HOLY GROWL BATMAN! that's a beast of a growl. Nice effects to make it thicker.
End: Pretty much the same as intro.

Overall, I think it was a well arranged and played song, but the mixing let it down. Give the overheads on the drums a bit more volume along with the guitar and EQ the vocals with a bit more treble and you've got one kickass Black Metal tune.

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Thanks alot! Haha although Id like you to know that there are no special effects on the vocals Just a little bit of overdubbing, etc. I suck at mixing down and EQing and stuff, Im not too sure what should go where, but I trust you know what youre doing so Ill try what you said!
You''re a pretty damned good vocalist i'd say, and the song was great. Melo-death is more my taste, but I liked it.
Haha, love it.

Definately good vocals, nice evil riffs.

I'd turn the bass drums down slightly, with the rest of the kit louder, maybe more mids on the guitar with the bass guitar turned up slightly to add some depth.

Goddamn beast of a growl indeed. I like the heavy riff after.

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