Im doing some more accoustic songs and ive never done Vocals.

But its really hard to sing, while playing, it throws my rhythm off when im singing or trying to sing, or it throws my singing off when im paying attention more to my rhythm.

I only started really trying to sing today, but i was realizing its really boring to listen to me play guitar without vocals.

Will this just take time to get used to?
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Ya I am the same way. Its hard to sing and play....but just keep practicing and it will come. Try easy songs first like Johnny cash "hurt" and work up to harder songs. But it will come.
yeah just practice, I still havent mastered it
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Same here man. Sometimes you don't even realize you're either singing horribly or strumming is way off. The only solutions I think, are playing easier chords, and just generally knowing the song better, like playing it everyday so it really gets in your head.
Yeah you need to find songs where the singing rhytm is kinda the same as the guitar rhytm, or where the guitar rhytm is just really simple. Then you'll get better in time.
Take it from me, I couldn't even think about singing while playing without it screwing me up. I put in a couple of week of practice and now my only problem is writing vocal melodies....and good lyrics.
i used to have this problem when i first started, i just worked it out by practicing, i started with wish you were here by pink floyd, just strumming the chord around 3 times and singing, then gradually giving more rhythm to the strumming, and it just worked with time
hell i can barely talk when playing guitar

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It was at first, but now its pretty easy(except if its a really crazy guitar part where I have to see where I'm going on the neck periodically).

Though, I can't sing worth a damn, so I only sing while I play when no one is home.
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try talking to someone while playing. do this for awhile. or you could start making up your own stuff just start off on a few chords and start singing the first things that you can think of. really like with everything just practice.
Don't panic, it is difficult to sing while playing. Be really comfortable with a song before trying to sing on it. Take your time and work hard.

I also have to be realistic. Some people are absolutely not able to sing while playing, it is possible. For example, B.B. King can't do this, but he's still a great guitar player.

Keep on working !
Be aware also that you may not be able to do it at all. We use different parts of our brains for speech/singing than we do for controlling our hands. For some, those connections work together, for others, they don't. Yes, practice will help to a degree, and if ya got it, ya got it. If not, get good at one or the other is all I can say.
Know who impresses the hell out of me? Geddy Lee from Rush. He's able to play bass, keyboards and sing lead vocal simultaneously. Well, he flip flops back and forth from bass to keyboard during a song, but still. Amazing musician.