So, Im wanting to start a band with a friend like Electronic sort of thing, bit like Angels And Airwaves, i really dont care what you think of this. Now me and a friend we're talking about maybe starting one up, and some douche overheard and was saying stuff like 'well you definately will need quite a few pedals and stuff, and you wouldnt need a synth or keyboard or anything like that'. So we asked what he suggested and he just said, oh i have to go now.
Now im certain id need a synth.
Any suggestions on the sort of thing i could get?
and best sort of pedals to get, dont want to sound exact like AVA but that sorta band.


(And i know there are quite a few AVA haters here on UG. But please just ignore that i want that sort of band, its my decision.)
I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at, but I would think your best bet would be to pick up a keyboard/synth and a multieffects pedal type deal. Are you planning on it just being the two of you? If so, one of you either needs to play drums, or you'll need to buy some kind of drum machine. I would imagine it would be easier/better playing with a person playing electric drums, though, as then the other person could either just play a guitar or synth, or switch off between them.

If you are planning on getting a full band together, I would suggest both guitar and keyboard/synth (I know there is a difference between these, but I haven't a clue what it is, haha) and possibly a multieffects for each. I defintily suggest getting a multieffects type unit before you start to invest in a thousand different pedals, though.
You need to play with some effects pedals in a shop. I tried writing an AVA-ish song once (should finish that, really!) and I literally thought 'I'm gonna go to the music shop and play with effects to get this right' because I knew my rig wouldnt cut it. I dunno what I used though, it was all on a multi-effect pedal.

Also, are you looking at being more like Angels' first or second record? If it's a more I-Empire-y sound you want you'll definitely need a synth.

Edit- You're also definitely gonna need drums!
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Sorry about not mention this, im hoping to get a band maybe two others atm we're just two guitarists but id like to expand more, i know a drummer i could ask, so im gonna ask him on monday if he'll do it. then try find a singer/keyboardist and probably wont get a bass player. Because the only bass players i know only play Metal or Jazzy type stuff. But if it got upand running i could switch to bass anyway.

I have fiddled around on some Multieffects already at the guitar shop, cant remember what i played on but it worked really well with some of the songs i played on it.

Ive got about 3 1/2 songs written and 1 with Keyboard adding guitar to that soon. I'll put lyrics up tomorrow probably.

EDIT: Ive looked through the lyrics and guitar stuff on the first record (We Dont Need To Whisper) and atm id rather be more like that.

Thanks for all the help so far!
Much Appreciated.
For electro type stuff you won't need more than one guitarist so one of you should switch to bass. Getting a synth is extremely important, dont just get a crappy casio keyboard. Instead spend a fair bit of money on something like the Alesis Micron or maybe a Microkorg... I wouldn't look for a synth player just learn some basic theory and stuff yourselves cause most stuff you'll be playin on synth will be using the built in arpeggios and shizzle.

Definately get a real drummer over drum machine. I also think it would sound alot better if he were playing a real drumkit over something electronic but thats just my opinion.

Pedals wise if your on a budget a multi effects is the best route. You'll need reverbs, delays, pitch shifters, ring modulators, filters and all sorts of crazy effects. It might be a good idea to get a loop pedal like the headrush which you could use to loop synth or guitar then go off and play another instrument or sing.

Edit: btw i really dislike AVA, way too cheesy for my tastes but they'd still probably use alot of the stuff i listed above. Good luck
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Delay, tremolo, phaser, flanger pedals

And some sort of keyboard.


and i'd recommend electric drums if possible.
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