I was looking at guitars on musiciansfriend and they are having a sale on blemished guitars. I looked at a couple of them and some were marked down $100 (didn't have pics obviously). Has anyone bought a blemished guitar from them. I don't think I will buy one, but I wanted to see if people had any experience.
Hey- Yeah i bought a Dean Playmate EABC acoustic bass. The blemish is hardy big enough to notice. One of the fret markers was slightly pushed in and one of the frets had a tiny ding in it. Other than that it was in perfect condition. Absolutely do it! it will save you tons of money. Peace
- The Bass Dude
Alot of the reviews say that blemished guitars play just as well, and the "blemishes" are very small, and normally very unnoticable. Its definately smart, do it if you can. And if its too noticeable, you can return it, and maybe got another one.
Got a cheap rogue Resonator for 50 bucks cheaper + free shipping, it actually took me a couple minutes to find what was wrong with it. Some scuffing on the back that will not rub out and a small raised spot, air bubble?
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