im gona get some new pickups on my epi sg
which ones do u recomend?

also which pickups can hold the notes for like 10 seconds?? theyre cool
Look at GFS pickups. Great value i think. And sustain is mostly your guitar i think. If you keep using vibrato with your fingers, itll sustain a little longer. Guitarists like Santana have sustainer pickups, which vibrate the strings after you pick. You can play a whole song legato-style with one of those.
I would recommend some Gibson pickups.
I have an epi les paul custom and i dropped a 57' classic plus and a 57' classic in it. Now the sound is very clear and the sustain is much longer than the stock pup's. great midrange growl. They are a little more expensive but definetly worth the buy.

But if your looking for more output i would go for some seymour duncans, EMG's or some GFS pickups. any of those should help you achieve the sound you are looking for.
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Depends on what amp you have and what style of music you want to play.
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