The GH100L is a single channel master volume style head with footswitchable gain. It is capable of a huge variety of sounds, from sparkling clean through powerful crunch to full on monster tones and everything in between. If tone capable of turning people's heads at 100 yards is what you're after - look no further. As well as astounding tone these heads offer a valve-coupled effects loop and link jacks for slaving several heads together. The GH100L features an ECC83 equipped preamp and EL34 output section, easily switchable for 5881's if so desired.

This Laney GH100L a year old now, but was recently re-tubed, biased and given a full work over by an amp tech.

I'm open to offers...

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Im interested, what is your location?

Ill be in London from this wedneysday-sunday
Around about £300 would be good, but I'm open to any offers.

And I'm south west mate, so nowhere near London.
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damn it umm will get back to you on it, cause might have money once by end of this week =D

but might jus get some more f/x pedals xD
Happy birthday Slash
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Hey im interested in this, could you by any chance post it?
Does this come with the footswitch?