Pickguard is cool, the rest is ugly, especially the headstock. Just an attempt to make more money. It looks terribly uncomfortable.
I'd rather own the reverse Razorback than this:

Did someone put crack in the coffee down at the factory or something?
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
I wouldn't mind a pickguard like that on the standard Explorers.
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wow i don't no if this one is cool, or the ugliest guitar on the planet

That does it

Although it does seem we can look forward to cheaper Gibson's in the future, as it's clear they've fired their design team to cut costs. Of course, by that time you'll have to do with a reversed Les Paul.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
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Bad. Nice pickguard, and nice wood color. But the design is awful. If that had the normal headstock, and looked like a normal explorer, it would be awesome. I wonder what has happened to their design department. Its gone downhill recently. Does gibson even look at what feedback ppl give em?
in an odd way, i kinda like it. Except for the headstock, thats the ugly part of it. Though it does look like it would be quite uncomfortable to sit down with. Looks cool to me though.
Thats the most disgusting headstock i think i've ever seen

i just had a mini sick in my mouth!
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still isnt worse than the reverse flying V

Yeah the reverse v is way worse then these two and the only one out of these two i have a problem with is the holy v. . .ugly. . .
What the hell happened to Gibson?
Bring back the Blues Hawk and get rid of these stupid extreme guitars.
Absolutely h.i.d.e.o.u.s.

Okay, you know what? I'm tired crap like THIS. Even if they're just GOTW guitars and aren't production models, they're still jumping the shark.

Fuck you Gibson. Do something productive, stop reversing your current Fucking line and blow my mind with a new model that's actually WORTH buying.


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Recently, Gibson are just so..........grrrrrrrrrrr
All they do is pathetic attempts to make money. The worst part is that people buy it!
Don't do stupid reverse garbage, or put holes in your guitars.
If they want something new, either add to your current models, or get a totally different shape....or improve Kramer.
Is it wrong that I kinda like the Holy V? Very, I dunno, art-deco or something.....
Do YOU know who Les Paul is?

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That, and the reverse V and the Dean Mach 5 are the only guitars I've ever seen that I've thought were truly ugly.
I think it would look alright with a normal pickguard and normal reverse explorer headstock.

As of now, you could play cricket with that thing.
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they'll make this stupid BS but not a left handed explorer?
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