I've heard since I started playing, that tone comes more from your fingers than from your gear. I recently bought a new amp, and it sounds much better than before but my tone is still pretty crappy. My question is, what can I do to help the portion of my tone that comes from my fingers? besides vibrato, what techniques canuse to sound less crappy
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dont play faster than you can CLEANLY, or else its sloppy and sounds bad. Playing sloppy equates to bad tone.
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try to mute to ur best ability the strings u are not picking or strumming, u could use a combination of both ur right palm or ur fretting fingers to achive this.
When playing the guitar, dont just focus on playing it, listen carefully to the sound that comes out of ur amp and try to make it sound better by adjusting ur playing style for instance. I think ur tone should improve naturally as u keep playing and practising.