I was just wondering, how important it is to have your guitar professionally set up.

The reason i am asking is that I am having extreme difficulty playing legato, in the style of Satriani etc. I am also using 11's. The notes are just not ringing out for me.

I take my guitars to a mom and pop shop that just builds guitars/repairs/set-ups.

I just got my guild back and it took them a week to get it right and it's perfect now.

not sure how Guitar Center/Sam Ash is though.

$65.00 for me and I think it's kinda cheap.
i think that is kinda expensive considering all they are doing is turning a bunch of screws for the most part. I say learn how to do it yourself on a crap guitar if you are afraid of doing it on your good axe.

I think it is important to have your guitar setup properly though. A great example is when I go to play most guitars at my local guitar center. Almost none of them are set up correctly especially if they have a floyd rose trem. It has to be set up properly to get the instruments feel. thats my two cents.
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