I was looking at buying a les paul fairly soon, and I was wondering what types of mucic are best to play on it. Like is the sound okay for metal, hard rock, soft rock ect.
Can les pauls play a variety of music well?

Someone told me that a guitar can play basically any sound as long as you have the right pedal + amp. Is this true?
seen people play blues on them, seen people play grindcore on them. My self, i can't even hold one.
Good luck
Les Pauls are used every where, seen blues, soft rock, hard rock and grunge all played on them I would expect there is more still
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I have an Epiphone Les Paul standard, and I use it in a alternative/hardcore band and have used it for punk. It pretty much can do anything, but sounds a little jazzy
everything. they have a warm tone that distorts well and makes them really crunchy. you can do blues, rock, metal, jazz(maybe), basically anything.
I hate playing LP's, but they sound pretty sweet for Blues with the neck, Metal with the bridge, Classic with the middle, pretty nice clean

Too mellow and fat for me. PRS ftw
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Its a les paul - it can do anything
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People say they have a warm, fat tone.
What does this mean?

Honestly, it's hard to describe sounds like this on a forum. If you're unsure if you should get it, I recommend you go to a guitar retailer and try one out to get a better feel.
i like real punk music(not what the people that blindly flame it think it is)

and have found my standard plain top to be excellent coupled with my valvetronix.

its my first setup and im happy with it as i am only playing guitar as a little hobby
Ok thanks

Would a fender strat have a warm, fat tone?
Because if it did, I would have an idea to what it sounded like
Strats generally have a bright, thin tone.
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A good LP can do about anything there is out there from BB King to Zakk Wylde, and everything in between. Get it set up to your liking and have at it.
start by playing both side by side. the les paul and the strat are pretty much both ends of the spectrum, tonally.

les pauls are known for being a little heavy, they have a really fat, chunky tone from their humbuckers. not to mention a thick enough neck, and sustain for days. with the right amp you could play nearly any style you wanted.

strats are more known for a bright, punchy tone. don't assume that they can't sound fat, because they definitely can. strats are excellent when played clean, and they do great for any genre of rock. if you play punk, then the bridge pickup will do great.

Strats are more bright sounding. LPs are thicker sounding.

With distortion LPs will sound a lot heavier, though thats not to say you can't get a pretty heavy sound from a strat.

And yes, you can play any style of music you want on pretty much any guitar(though it may not sound great). I play most styles on my LP and my Strat, I prefer the LP though for metal and rock, and the strat for blues.
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