Hey guys. i wanna ask a question about some amps.
i find that tube amps usually come with lower watts than many solid states. What does the number of watts determine and why is having more watts "better"?
The wattage usually determines the output level of the amplifier, and having more watts is not necisserily better. It will be louder, but not better. Tube amplifiers may have lower watts than a comprable solid state because tube amp watts generally sound louder than solid state amp watts.
With solid state, more watts = louder for the most part. With tube, more watts = more headroom, which means better cleans at higher volumes and less breakup. But even a 5 watt tube amp is usually better than a 100 watt solid state when it comes to gigging situations. USUALLY. There are a few exceptions.
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yes more watts is louder. but 100 watts is not twice as loud as 50 watts. 100 watts is twice as loud as 10 watts.