So Keef is the new face of Luis Vuitton! But what kind of guitar is that?!

well zackky vengeance from a7x has a new guitar coming out with louis vuitton on it as well
* is loving that case

im leanin more towards the gretch
body looks wider than my 335
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You know when Attack Attack is ripping off your music, you're onto something

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X2, with block inlays and a bigsby, rare but not unheard of in the vintage market. Either one is only used sometimes nowadays. He used that guitar in one of the videos for a bigger bang.
Yeah those were the thoughts I came up with so far... the trem suggests Gretsch to my mind but it could be fitted to an ES-335 so not really any help (they don't come as standard, do they?).
My only thought is that Keef might not be the kind of person to bother modifying his guitars that much?

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ES-335. It was actually given to him by John Lennon only a few days before he was murdered.

Fair dos, that would explain the Bigsby et al. Thanks!
He's been playing that ebony 335 w/ bigsby since the late '90's. It's a Gibson 335 Custom, no question.

Gibson 335 > Your mother.
Dear god he looks like a zombie.
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he was hot in the 70's (no homo)

you know, it's good that you made that clarification, because we were all definitely gonna start making fun of you for being gay.
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personally, I hate it when musicians wh0re themselves to companies like that. It all screams jessica simpson to me... that, and, I really hate that ZV guitar (Yuk!)
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