I didn't know exactly where to put this, but i have been playing for 4 months, and my fingers use to hard as a rock, but now i've lost y caluses on the end of my fingers, it now hurts to bend strings again, why has this happenned?

P.S. I play everyday, so.......yeah.
you just dont lose calases over night...you either havent been playing very much or you picked them off?
i find playing after a shower tends to weaken them...were you hands wet or recently wet? lol
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nope, play every day for hours, my fingers are getting a bit soft again, and no, i wouldn't pick of my calasus
there was just a thread on this if you scroll down. though you lost yours lol. i think youll just have to keep working at it, but i doubt you lost them over night like soul blazer said. but theres nothing we can do to help.
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first of all used your palms to wash your hair in the shower otherwise your callases get worn down...