I'm planning out a guitar that I want to build, and I want to do it in the PRS style. From what I've seen, the way to do this is to have a mahogany blank, and then glue a thick bookmatched flamed maple blank on top. Then cut it out, carve the top, etc.

I have 2 questions: is this the way it's done, and if so, where can I get the suitable pieces of wood? I checked the links in the stickied thread at the top, and they don't really seem to have a 1 piece flamed maple blank for sale of the correct size.

I've thought about using a veneer, but I really want to do a nice thick natural binding, and I like the idea of recessing the control knobs. These both present problems for a thin top, and it seems like the only way to accomplish this is with two fairly thick body blanks, one mahogany and one bookmatched flame maple.
Ok, here is you problem with this, first of all havee you checked the prices on a 1 peice flamed maple body, expensive. What you should do is this, 1. buy a book and read it before you start. 2. If you aren't going to buy a book then E-mail me and I will answer your questions( My E-mail is mattwinslow_14@yahoo.com). 3. for the main part of the body, the middle of your sandwhich you should use popler or a strong non expensive wood and then have a peice of flamed maple on top, probably 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. 4. Just a though, and I have done this use a thick peice of the inexpensive and instead of front and back flamed maple, you only a front. and if your worried about recessed controls your flamed maple will be glued with pegs, into your inexpensive stock, and it will be no problem. Hope this helps, and if you didn't feel like reading the whole thing my E-mail is (mattwinslow_14@yahoo.com)
I think you misunderstood. I don't want flamed maple on the top and back, just on the top. The back is going to be mahogany.

like this. The bottom is mahogany, and the top is maple.
it looks like I'd only need a 1" thick piece of each wood. the problem is, I can only find the maple thinner than that, and I can only find the mahogany thicker than that.
well then I would probably order from Stewmac.com but they are pricey. But if you can't find a flamed mapel top thick enough, I would sugeet using 1/2 mapel and 1 and 1/2 mahogony, on the picture you posted thouse are probably the thickness dementions.
It looks to me that the maple is about 1/2 or 1/4 inch think and that the mahogany is about 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 thick. O.o
the maple isn't really thick on the sides of the guitar where it's left as a natural binding, but it's carved pretty good and it is a bit thicker in the middle where the pickups are
Your not going to find a 1 peice flame maple top unless your willing to pay a lot of money,

and to tell you where to get mahogany you should at least provide us with details of where you live.

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