Hi, I am looking in to buying my first elec. guitar. I have a budget of about $500. The amp I want to get is a vox da10 which is about $200.
The questions I have is will I be dissappointed if I go for the cheaper squire fat strat? It's about $280. Or will I be better off saving another month and buying a real fender strat for about $400?
Thanks in advance.

P.S. Keep in mind that I REALLY want my guitar asap.
I'd save up and get a Standard. Chances are, you'll be more pleased with it in the long run as your first guitar, as you'll probably be using it for a little while.
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Fender. The quality is much, much better than Squiers could ever be. if you can find about $20 more, you can get an epi G-400 Vintage. blows the squier out of the water in almost every aspect, except for not having a trem, and being neck heavy.
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there's absolutely nothing wrong with a Squier as your first guitar, it'll be more than good to learn on and easily last you until the time you feel you need a new guitar.
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