Im new at this.. so dont make fun of me
Ok so this layla was given to me for free.
i use Acid sony for recording.
how do i active all inputs to record at the same time? and nawt be all jammed in one track, when i record drums?
do i need a mixer?
It's this right?

There's only two preamps on that...I'd highly recommend a series of preamps like the Mackie 800R (if you want pro quality...it's about $1000) and plug its outputs (DB25-TRS is the most affordable cable for that particular one) into your inputs. A much cheaper alternative is this $400 one. Since you'll be going straight out, the sampling rate is inconsequential. If you used a mixer, most of the inputs would be combined.

As for the Acid portion...sorry, I cannot help you there specifically. I'm sure it's arming multiple tracks for recording, and specifying a certain input for each track, then hitting record.
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