I Have a black g series takamine acoustic guitar and a few days ago my e string started buzzing when I went up the fret board. I tried replacing the strings and really have not had the time to get it looked at.

So Please HELP!
It could be numerous things..... Depending on which E and where it buzzes? Is it just one fret? Have you recently changed string gauges?
Hey!! Sounds like mine!
Mine buzzes too...silly Takamine.
Usually, it happens when I don't hold down a string hard enough, or if I accidentally press a finger lightly on a string that should be open.
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Well if its only on 1 fret , I would guess that that fret may have raised a bit on you.....Gve it a good look in that area and see if you can tell..... And if so that will be a job you need a pro for....It requires special tools to file a fret......