I just got a KORG CA-30 chromatic tuner in the mail today. I knew a couple stings were out of tune but over all my guitar seemed to sound pretty good. I tune all the strings according to the tuner, little needle in the center at 0 and now it sounds horrible. All strings played open and one at a time. Am I doing something wrong? My guitar is a Yamaha FG700s. Could the strings be in need a replacing? They were on the guitar when I got it and the guitar came from MF as a blemish and it was obviously used so I have no idea how long it was used or how much the strings were used. I have a new set if you think I should try to replace and see if that helps.
what frequency is it? i ve got one and its good.
mines set to 440hz and i play the A note(5th fret) on the high E string to tune.
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innotation might be off.

do harmonics on the 12th fret. (just barely hold a finger over it instead of pushing it down)

they should be the same as your string.
i find that tuning by 12th fret harmonics is better than just open string tuning. something about it just works better.
Well, found out about the 5th fret method and started doing that and broke a string. That was after I broke a different string while re-stringing. So I guess all is on hold until tomorrow.
I was using a site for instructions on how to re-string that wasn't so great then I realized that there was some instructions and video over at www.justinguitar.com and I watched those and it made it clear as day on how to change strings so now I need to get a couple new sets and I think I am ready to go.
Intellitouch Tuner is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned. Cheap and effective. I've had mine 2 years and never had any problems with it.
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maybe you tuned it i other notes
like Eb instead of E or something like that
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if you are breaking strings while you tune you are probably tuning it to the wrong octave .
Yeah, both litus and anita, I think you are both correct. I think a lot was also because of the way I re-strung, which after watching the justinguitar video clearly was incorrect.
i believe that tuner also has a bass setting, sounds stupid, but make sure that its not set to that
also... you do realize that your guitar will sound like crap if you just play all the strings open, right?
Quote by jimtaka
also... you do realize that your guitar will sound like crap if you just play all the strings open, right?

What do you mean? Playing open when tuning or when actually playing? After I posted this thread originally I learned about the 5th fret method which was seemingly working great until I over tightened the G and is snapped, but by tuning the high E and doing the 5th fret I could tell how off things were.
He means that if you strum all 6 strings open at once it will sound bad.

You really shouldn't end up with a 'horrible' sound by just tuning each string open with a tuner, so somethings up. Maybe wrong note, wrong octave or the guitar's not holding tune. Regardless of what method ends up being more accurate, the simplest one should produce tolerable results. Even intonation would have to be way out for it to sound that bad.

Have you had this guitar tuned up well before? If so, it's got to be something to do with the tuner or the notes, and not so much the guitar.
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Do the notes in the corner say eadgbe for each consecutive string. Going from thiickest to thin. I bet your tuning to the wrong note.
I changed strings again today and re-tuned. This time I used a better tutorial and it went much smoother. I also figured out the tuner and everything seems pretty good. I am sure still not great by experienced player standards but sounds much better then it did last night. I also tuned it using some wav files and it was pretty close to the tuner so I think all is ok. I chalk it up to operator error
As long as you learn from your mistakes mistakes arent that bad good luck in your learning i hope you enjoy playing your guitar now.
If the strings are not set to 440 hz that will do it. Also if your strings are old that also will do it. If its out of tune after you tune it, I would recheck it. It could be some strings are tuned to the wrong octave and others aren't. That will do it too. You can rule that out by doing the comparative tuning.
Quote by jimtaka
also... you do realize that your guitar will sound like crap if you just play all the strings open, right?

Mine don't sound like crap when played open. I rather like that actually. I know when everything's in tune and I strum all strings open, I can hear the harmonics and such throughout. Sure, true fingered chords sound better, but I don't consider it a crappy sound, like if you were to misplace a finger on a chord and have it sound messed up.
Yes, in fact it produces all of these beautiful chords:

E7#9sus4 E 7th Sharp 9th Suspended 4th
A9sus4/E A/E 9th Suspended 4th
A7sus2sus4/E A/E 7th Suspended 2nd Suspended 4th
D6sus2sus4/E D/E 6th Suspended 2nd Suspended 4th
B7b13#9sus4/E B/E 7th Flat 13th Sharp 9th Suspended 4th
B7#9sus4#5/E B/E 7th Sharp 9th Suspended 4th Sharp 5th
Bm7b13bb5/E B/E Minor 7th Flat 13th Double Flat 5th