I had all 4 academics this semester.. English, Science, Socials Honours, Math Honours.
3 of them had provincial (government exams), Math, Science and English.

Math and Science were so goddamn easy for me. =)

But English, so much of those questions that have 2/3 answers that make sense but you have to choose "the best" answer. Anyone else hate english exams?

Anyways I came into the exams with 90 in Science, 87 in Math, 86 in English (class marks).

Exam Results:

Math Honours: 90%
Science: 90%
English: 78%


Brought my mark down to a B.

So I was all crushed and **** cause my parents said theyd get me my new amp if I finished with 4.0.

Then I carefully read over my report card and it says that the school mark does NOT include the provincial, and only the government keeps the blended grade. So my 4.0 stays with the school.


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