hey guys, I need some recomendations on what kind of amp I should get. I want something that will give me a sound similare to the american metal thats out there now, like avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, trivium, metallica, and iron maiden, but can also be used for rock and punk rock like hendrix, guns and roses, blink 182 and billy talent. I guess I need a really versatile amp that can do most types of music. I would just need one that I could jam with an play some small gigs. I have around $1000 dollars to spend, but I could push it higher for the right amp.

Versitility? looks like a mesa will probably be your best bet. An F-30 or F-50 or a Rect-o-verb or a. They are american-made for hi-gain, and also able to sound like pristine clean and classic rock. They are perfect for what you are going to be playing.
B-52 maybe. A Mesa would be good but they can be pretty hard to find.
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B-52, deff.
B-52 AT-100/112 actually.
The cleans are almost Fender like. They are a bit darker (my preference), and the drive is pretty raunchy and very very tight on the higher levels. I recommend this amp/combo.
the head is $599.99 (299.99 Pounds I guess) and I think the combo is $799.99 (499.99 pounds).

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if you have a long and mcquade by you then you can get a mesa, but to warn you make sure you like the sound, personally i dont its all up to your opinion. as for a amp, something engl or even a randall, just to let everyone know, i think he wants a half stack including a cab so that means he has a tight budget.