Hello's again i got 600$ bucks i want a new amp. I want the sound like avenged sevenfold three days grace trivium etc. Avenged Sevenfold especially! Id actually like a tube amp cause i know their tones are fuller. Id like a half stack but i guess combo would be ok... i wouldnt be opposed to be a really good SS. Yeah so whats a good one for that type =D
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You should Sell your GT-8 and one of your guitars and use the other 600 to buy a mesa Single rectifer. OR you could just get a used peavey 5150.
lmao, every amp thread, someone has to recommend either a valveking or a valvetronix.

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Try to find a mesa boogie rectifier series amp used on ebay. thoses things are gain machines, they pump out gain like mexicans pump gas.
Why on EARTH would you go with a hybrid with 600 bucks? Bad advice people.

Stay away from any solid state/ hybrid amps.

Look for Bugeras, B-52 AT series, and used Mesa F-30/50

To the guy above me, I highly doubt you'll ever find a Recto at $600 dollars on eBay (last bid)
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Quote by Silky Smooth
Used 5150's the best bet

Especially if you like cutting high gain

I dont see a point in getting a used 5150 over a new Bugera 6262.

The Bugera will have the same, if not better, distortion, and it supposedly has MUCH better cleans.
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Yeah those bugeras look nice, you could find a used 5150 combo but it would prolly be at least 600. And i chose my triple xxx over the bugera cause there's really not much info on the bugera's and i don't kno about the quality until more people buy them. And my xxx is great for metal, plus i like the clean channel too tho its no fender of course lol.
Yeah their nice

But theres reason why most of those extremely heavy bands still use 5150's.
For $600, I'd highly recommend against getting a modeling amp. Besides, your coming off a Line 6 so it's time to move up.

Have you considered Traynor? They have cleans close to Fender and overdrive close to Marshall.

I'd recommend the YCV line.
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Quote by irish_hooligan
vow valvetronix 100w, it does everything

Not for his price range, with the money he's dishin', he could grab a used 5150, which would be great for him, or a Valveking with a TS.