This is an ibanez ex series guitar, it has a dimarzio super distortion in the bridge that screams of course and the stock single coil in the neck which is very good for soloing and playing clean no need to change it. I installed a buckethead style killswitch but I made the hole too big so I made a round piece of wood and put the hole in the middle I think it looks cool. When I got it the output was cutting in and out and the pots were really scratchy so I redid the electronics except for the switch which is fine. The backplate is mirrored. The guitar does have some scratches but it is a players guitar it's customized and has been played not just looked at. It plays very good, the action is great, neck feels really good and it's fast, it feels really nice all my friends like it a lot when I bring it to school. It's a really nice guitar and I hate to sell it but I have to sell it because I need parts for a strat I'm making. Also 2 of the fine tuners were missing so I bought some machine screws for it and they are better than the fine tuners there easier to turn.

price is $175 paypal preffered or trade for a floyd rose with some money.
also a boss sd-1 in like new condition with box and registration card $45
Damn I like this guitar, but sadly I have no money. only vintage stuff to trade.
but heres a bump!
SD-1's $50 new at Musician's Friend...
Consider taking off a few bucks, and I'll see if I can take it off your hands.

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How much is shipping?

for the pedal?
It would probably cost me $7 or 8 I think
for the guitar give me yourcity and state and I'll look it up on ups's website, I shipped a guitar like it to florida for $30 and I wouldn't think it would be over $50 to california.
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I want...but will my cash let me..?

lol I wouldn't know but I am having second thoughts about selling it but I need the money or floyd rose now.
Mother's thinking about getting me the pedal, so I should be back in a bit with an offer or an apology.

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Mother's thinking about getting me the pedal, so I should be back in a bit with an offer or an apology.

It says your in ethiopia so I'm not sure how much shipping would be and if I do international shipping once I send it it's out of my hands.
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Oh, that's an inside joke... I live in the US.

Oh, ok just let me know
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i'll trade you an ovation CC44 for them both

its worth about 400

Thanks for the interest but I'm set on acoustics and I need the money.

Also I bought a floyd rose so I'm not interested in any trades anymore.
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consider dropping guitar to $150?

I might but I have put it on ebay and it seems to be going up fast so I'm just not sure yet