i've been playing guitar for about 3 months and i was going to start to get into effects. I've never bought any effect so i thought i would start with a multieffects. I've limited it down to pocket pod and floor pod
i like the pocket pod cus its like a mini amp and it portability and the floor pod for the pedal having touble what to get can u use the floor pod without an amp like the pocket pod. what would you reccomen out of thes two
it gets massive feedback on amps,but for jamming without an amp works well.for a through amp pedal toneworks does good
I myself just recently checked out the PodXT Live. It was pretty good, and the floor Pod is pretty much a smaller XT. I personally like it, but don't have one myself. You should probably see if you can use it before you buy it, like at Guitar Center or some other place.