Just something different from my usual metalcore song...

Edit: Just a bit of a back story... I was playing around with my keyboard on reason and somehow came up with the main keyboard part, and since I have no idea how to make a song with reason, I made it into a GP song. I used one of my favourite styles of making a song, changing something every few bars (adding/removing, harmonization, etc.).
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-Reminds me of japanese people
-Pretty epic sounding
-Pretty unique
-good melodies(i don't like happy melodies like that but it fits the song so)
-Good solos(fits the songs)
- Reminds me of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Times Gruedo desert theme(play the game u'll see)


-nothing really, its just not that metal and a bit cheesy


-Its good the way it is


Cool stuff. you usally don't see this kind of thing on here. its usually just metalcore metalcore metalcore(which i hate lol)

Rating: Since i just don't dig that genre i'd give it a 7 but really it deserves a 10 so i'll just give you a 8.5/10

Crit mine?
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Lol your one of those musicians that likes to have fun with things. Like polka! i was reading your post and listening to your song and then bam. Polka time lol! funny as hell. Ok sorry for that. To the critting. Very nicely done i couldnt suggest anymore cause it sounds good as it is. If i were to make it better i would change everything but dont listen to me. Ok ill have to listen to it again cus i forgot... gj thow from what i remember
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That was amazing!

i'm seriously gonna have that riff stuck in my head for days.

You wouldn't be mad if i remade this in frooty loops would you...just for me, i wouldn't put it anywhere


Ok, to the crit.

i can't really say anything at all. it was perfect. maybe a bit more of a driving beat on the drums here and there, but other than that its awesome.

you made me love polka.
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You wouldn't be mad if i remade this in frooty loops would you...just for me, i wouldn't put it anywhere.

I wouldnt mind, I'd like to hear it, though .

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you made me love polka.

You must have known I'd have to sig that
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i loved the guitar the whole way, freakin epic and awsome melodies.
and then the polka time entered and it was game time.
i pretty much danced to that part.

9.7/10 for pleasing my ears and making me lol at polka time.

Not "epic" so much, but it gets pretty close. I really love it though. The only bad thing I have to say is the chord progression is just a teensy bit cliche, but that's it. Keyboard part for this song = secksy tiempo. =] Good job.


but seriously, i love your layering and the main melody is going to be in my head for a long time now
- Catchy synth! Almost Enter Shikari-like!
- I love the drums!
- I like the way you used Synth Bass instead of fingered or picked!
- Harmonized keys bit sounds amazing!
- The lead guitar is nice, I was about to say maybe make that a harmony. But that happened *Reminds me a bit of A7x *
- I lovee synth in the No Bass or Drums Bit!
- When they enter it has a nice, sort of heavy feel to it. A good beat you could headbang to
- The sweeping on the guitar is nice, I love that chord progression.
- The polka section is jsut overall cool. Sort of video game music!

- The 'Solo' was a dissaointment to me.
- Drums got a bit boring.

Overall, 9.5/10
Great Job!

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epically amazing
10/10 my friend
now im gonna have to g o writw some techno
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i was listening to it with my eyes closed as i do when i try to take in a piece of music for the first time and bang polka time, and all i could think of was the old nes game double dragon II it sounds so similar now im addicted to that game again because of you so for that 0/10- but seriously 8.5/10

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Don't worry there is Roc, there is