I was wondering what is up with wilkinson tremolo/bridges? Do they lock meaning do i have to use allen renches to put new strings on and will it take 8 hours to put new strings on. And how do you adjust the action on it?

So basically I am asking is more strat like? Or floyd like?
Wilkinsons makes bridges just like Strat bridges whether they are 6 screw or 2 pters. They are non locking they work just like a normal strat bridge. They have phillips head intonation screws for each saddle and each saddle has 2 hex screws to adjust action.

They are pretty much straightforward and awesome non locking trems. It will still take longer than a hardtail to set up because you need to deal with balancing the trem, but its not going to be as tough as a Floyd.
Their probably the best non-locking trem you can buy

If you have a good nut on the guitar it'll REALLY stay in tune well.