Yay, rugby thread. Searched, didn't find one in this year (Didn't look past that, so sorry if there is one). I'm pretty new to the sport but i love it and figure theremust besome other UGers must too. Talk about past matches, future matches, positions stories, whatever you want.
last year i played for my school's team, our first season. i go to Lycée Rochambeau, the French International School in Washington, DC (actually Bethesda, MD). playing rugby was fun as hell, in our area we had 2 of the best teams in the country, the Maryland Exiles, with whom I've had the honor and privilege of attending several practices, and Gonzaga. our season ended pretty well, our record was about 4-10, and we placed 3rd in the potomac area high school rugby tournament, out of 16 teams or so.
i played for British Columbia this summer and we won the nationals. my club is going to England and wales and scotland this summer, im pumped. So thoughts on 6 nations?
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I'm playing rugby for my school's junior team this year...Its frigging awesome
I learned how to post and deck and stuff!
My high school won the National Championship for the high school level today.
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