This song popped out of me one day. It doesn't seem to get any play, but I worked very hard on it. The repetitive part is where the vocals would go. I used a bic lighter as a slide. I put in all the ride, crash, timbales, congas and whatnot in there over an an autobeat. It's in my profile. I think it's a real nice groove. I would like opinions and if you have stuff posted I will absolutely check out your stuff. Oh, and hello.
hey man i thought it was good stuff. The recording quality was good, and the guitar as well as the overlayed various other instruments sounded awesome. Everything seemed to fit in with the groove... if you will. reminds me of something you would hear playing to an tarantino movie while some crazy ass **** was going on.
HAHAHA! You know, I thought it sounded like a movie song too! Tarantino? Thanks!