OK obviously there is pretty much two ways to look at lyrics. there's emotionally/ personally or environmentally as in your surroundings. this is where I need a little help so obviously I know you can't offer much help for the personal type of lyrics because you don't know me, but for the world wide kind of view on lyrics y'all probably can (politics, events, anything else don't really care, etc.). Now my question is what are good "subjects" for a song from a more world perspective on lyrics? Anything is good advice so don't hold back unless your going to call me a dip$h!T for starting this thread then please hold your opinion inside. We have enough problems in the world to start one here on this website.


Mostly, I say just take inspiration from mundane things around you. If you see a couple fighting about something, make a story about the fight and make it ridiculous (like he kills her or stalkes her after a break-up), if you see a cool tree in the middle of nowhere write about the tree, about what it reminded you of etc...

Don't try to write something political until you've developed really well as a writer... if you do I can gurantee it will suck. Writing something political without souding like a dumbass is something few can do, and no one can do without being a good writer. Outside of that... just draw inspiration from everyday life... write about things that mean something to you, write about a bad day, write about a good day, write about a picture you saw, write about fucking a cheerleader.... just write.

just write down what you feel man, in my opinion you cant really just sit down and say well im gonna write a song about birds or life, its not really that easy man, just write down your thoughts and then a certain path will appear, always write off your feelings, you want to write something that is reality and true. i mean writing songs that are just story telling are great, but i think personally think people would relate more to your actually feelings. You dont wanna write lines that are too personal or too deep to where people can not relate. what makes a great artist is someone who can write a song and other people can listen to the song or read the lyrics and say,"wow thats me, thats my life." but yet the artist might of had a totally different perception of it. its really really hard just always write things from your heart man would be my advice.
I'd disagree with the above. I see part of his message... but part I think it wrong. Part of writing is writing something that is "deep and personal." deep and personal is what people cling to... the art of writing is making that personal thing still relatable, still tangible to people who aren't you. Also, I disagree that you can't just sit down and go, I'm gonna write tonight. I do all the time. I sit down with a single line running through my head and go, "I'm gonna use that line in a piece tonight" and I write down the first things that come to my head when thinking about that line. But I suppose different styles and ideas about writing leads to much different results. Both can be good
thanx for the advice. i actually agree with all of you. it is possible to just sit and write, but you actually can get to personal to the point that it becomes impersonal to the person who is listening. I also agree that politics would probably be a big roll to take on at the start of writing. Ive tried the feelings thing it works pretty good and Ill try writing bout things around me and if its not interesting ill exaggerate just a lil bit...Another question though, Should anything you write be firs person, second, or third person or does it not matter?? I play in a rock band so base it off that i suppose...
as starting point try reading the paper, watch the news etc. Tap into a story that catches you attention and start to imagine their experiences and emotions.

Also don't expect a song to appear fully formed, it happens rarely but more often than not it takes time to perfect and work on. Don't force it, just make a note of the idea, any lyrics or melody ideas you might have and come back to it later.

P.S. answering your above question, it really doesn't matter where your coming from in your song as long as its good. There are no rules for songs really
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