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Personally, I got my first guitar at two-four years old (you try and remember back that far).

When my mother and father were getting divorced, my mother forced my dad to give me his precious Yamaha FG-160 (ie. the guitar he used to pick up chicks with in the 70's) so I would have something to remember him by.

This thread just reminded me... I need to get a new case for it... the 30+ year-old cardboard case that came with it just isn't cutting it. I love how it has the 'vintage' tone (well... it is a vintage instrument), so taking better care of it would be logical.

When did you get your first guitar?
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Christmas, I think I was like 11 soo... '02?

That crappy Squire electric pack that EVERYONE seems to start out with, but it was before they stopped putting Strat Standards in them and started using the Affinity and Bullet Strats.

EDIT: Oh and my mom got it for me. I didn't ever even mention wanting to play, she just took it upon herself to buy me one and get me lessons. But it didn't take much convincing for me to accept it lol.
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I was 10, my parents bought me a Squier Strat. Before that, I was using my dad's SG for about two years.
Lets see. I believe it was about either '99 or '00 I was about 11 or 12, a nice crappy Kramer strat copy. I did have an acoustic when I was very young(probably like 6 or 7) but my sister stepped on it because she was a real [explicit deleted].
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My friend gave me an acoustic he found in his gradge on my 13th birthday. Turned out to be a Gibson classical thats worth a bunch of money
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I didn't get a guitar that was actually mine until I was about 13, but Ive played my dads old accoustic since I was 6 or so, but we didn't have alot of money to buy one for me, but my dad brought me home a squier strat one day, im actually in the process of painting an Australian flag on the squier and im going to put in new pups etc
Christmas at 13 in '03 i got a piece of crap washburn copy called a lyon from target
i think its made of plastic and the tone is god awful
i was 16. i wish i would have started sooner.
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Paid for it myself when i was 9....squier strat the worst guitar i've ever owned. I was glad to get rid of it. Didn't start really playing till about a year and a half later though. When i got it i didn't have internet and didn't shop much so i bought it at a pawn shop. they really ripped me off...(internet was around i was just well poor) considering Im 16 going on 17 thats about 8 years ago soooo 02 is when i bought it. i actually wanted lesson at the time i bought it but the guy we asked was a real jurk and didn want to do it...prick anyways I started a year later and got lesson when i was 12 then i started to get much better. i improved the most within the last year though even though ive been playin for bout 7 years i guess i practiced more.

lata :/
Pretty recently actually.

Got it when I was twenty and well, I'm still twenty .
July 18th 2006, my 14th birthday.
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First guitar was a mini acoustic when i was like 4... never played it.. Then decided to get an electric when i was 16, tried to play it but didnt have a teacher or the internet to learn from and guitar world doesnt cut it lol (ohhh and they never tell you that tablature is upside down. Yea i could never figure out why everything sounded like a$$. Again lived in the country no teacher or resources). So i got tired of it after a few months and stopped playing. Then i found my mini acoustic when i was like 22 when i was cleaning out some old tote boxes and messed around on it for a day and was like man i miss my guitar. So i got a mexican strat and amp off a guy. Had it for a day and the dudes mom demanded he buy it back. So that was out the door... Then when i was 26 i was like man i want a guitar just something to fiddle with. So i got a Aslin Dane SG copy and a epihone pratcie amp. Now its been a year and 3 guitars later i have my list of gear below. And can finally play tablature correctly and have my own guitar and amp repair business on the side but yes i regret to inform you i still suck at playing lol
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Got a acoustic guitar when I was 10 never learned to play it. Didn't get another until I was 42 taught myself on tabs and am addicted play every day and can't put the thing down! Bought a Ibanez RG2EX1 and a Alvarez RD6 want to buy a RGT6EXFXBK next. So glad I finally learned.
well i needed a guitar 4 a performance when i was in yr 7(nothing much, 2 songs 4 chords total) it was a cheap nylon acoustic($80aud) and for christmas last yr i got and electric.

P.S im in yr 9 now
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I bought my first guitar off of a buddy of mine when I was 17. It was a Tele knockoff with a humbucker in the bridge position and a tremolo bridge that I didn't have a bar for. I got a 15 watt Crate practice amp in the deal with it.

I sold it a few months later to buy a used Les Paul studio. I wish I could have my Tele-knockoff back now.
first acoustic, think it was a yamaha, when I was 11, which i later damaged and gave to a close friend.
I got mine for my 6th birthday .
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When I was 6 I got a red Squier mini Strat. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
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Well, I got an acoustic Easton (EJ-45) about a year ago and a Epi Les Paul Standard in the end of the summer. But you should not judge the skill of someone based on how long they played...
early birthday present for my 15th, that was 3 years ago now lol, was a beringer strat, remember it was white when i got it then found eddie VH well you can imagen what happened to it still got it though it didnt take kindly to being set on fire, thought id make it more my own and burnt, hammered & nailed bottel caps to the back of it, strange after all that it sounds better then when i first got it lol
i got mine at sophomore high school back '94. it was an acoustic w/ pups. then i got a strat copy 2 years later.
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I got my first guitar in about '78, a les paul copy by Northern and put in Dimarzio Super distortions after about a year. I also got an old red Marshall half stack 50w from the 60s with the old Marshall logo (kind of goldish ceramic looking plastic) for $350. Wish I still had that! I was about 12.
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January 1993. A friend of my mom's boyfriend gave it to me, he recently passed away. Its a late '50s/early '60s truetone archtop acoustic. I still have it and plan on restoring it some(neck needs reset, new tuners.) The finish is still fairly good.
I got a free SG copy from a lady when I was 11, 1998-ish. It was terrible, wouldn't stay in tune. I put stickers and $H1T all over it.
A little before my 18th birthday, I'd wanted to learn since just before my 16th, but it took me two years to save up enough money for the guitar I wanted.
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i got my first guitar when i was about 9 or 10

- Epiphone Les Paul
- SX Strat (w/ Fender Vintage Noisless Pickups, TBX Control, and an active circuit board for +25dB mid boost)
- Marshall DSL40C
I got my first guitar when I was about 10. Although it wasn't technically given to me, it's mine because I'm the only one in my house that uses it.

It's a Vintage 1969 Guild Mark II that my dad had when he was in high school. It is an excellent guitar, except the tuners need to be oiled or replaced and some sort of restoration to fix the pick scratches from my older brother as well as some sort of refinish.
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About a year ago is when it really became mine. It was my brothers, and I'd try to play it, but could never play anything. I started to progress with my playing and it's now basically mine.
at age 12 I had discovered the link between rock-n-roll and the ladies, so I saved up my hay baling money and cruised garage sales until I came home with a sunburst Hondo Strat (with the strings about 15mm off the neck) and an ancient Fender Princeton Trem amp all for $110. The amp was so loud but had no overdrive what-so-ever. It was a nothing but clean. Then I discovered pedals and grew my hair.
I bought a cheap strat copy used when I was twelve years old because my parents didn't approve and wanted me to play piano which I was since I was 5 years old. (I was a real bastard back then...I literally did everything my parents told me not to do)

But eventually they realized after like a year that I was pretty good at guitar then they got me an ibanez GRG170dx that I picked out at the store.
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december 25 2006

Holy ****, same here.

'was 13.

Didn't played until August 2007 though.
When I was 9. I didn't even get to pick it out though. It used to be my sister's, but she only played for a month before she quit. It was a white strat copy and a "Suzuki" amp. I had that for awhile until I started getting serious about my playing, then I bought the G-400 and a Spider III.
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