okay so i've been playing guitar for a while so i thought it'd b a good idea to try out a capo.

i've been trying to play "halelluja" by jeff buckley. so i put it on the fith fret, but the TAB that i am useing says that i need to use the third fret but the strings are held down by the capo....

i know this may sound really stupid but i really have no idea what i'm doing here

this is the link for the TAB: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/j/jeff_buckley/hallelujah_ver2_tab.htm#comments

yeah... so if anybody knows what i'm doing wrong be free to say so.
when you use a capo, the fret that the capo is on automatically becomes 0 fret, then start from there, so in that case, 3rd fret would be 8th fret
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think of the capo as the nut and go from there, for instance, if is says capo at the 5th fret and to hit the third fret, hit the eighth fret.
they're talking about the 8th fret.

imagine that wherever you put the capo is where the nut is. so the 5th fret in that tab becomes 0, the 6th becomes 1, 7th is 2nd, etc
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