My friend wants to buy this guitar: The Ibanez GRG170DX
He knows that I am handy with a soldering iron and I'd actually like to do this too. He wants to be able to control the volume of each pickup, and change the tone of each pickup individually. I know that this is accomplishable via placing pots between the pickup selector and the pickup, but does anyone know the common (or specific? Please indicate) resistance for a volume pot? A tone pot? How do tone and volume pots differentiate? Circuit diagrams welcome.
i'm pretty sure there are two different types of pots, 250k and 500k which give different sounds (250k is warmer and 500k is brighter i think though i may be wrong.)
There's also 25k pots for active pups
Then there's linear and audio tapering which i have no idea what they are
You use audio tapering (logarithmic) for volume, and linear for tone.
And don't forget tone circuits are linear (B) pots wired with a capacitor (typically a .022uF or .047uF depending on the type of pickups).

Concentric pots seem to be the way to go here. I'm not sure if they make combos of log and lin pots that are stacked. Just put another hole in and have a concentric volume/tone pot on each pickup.

And yes, 500k pots are "brighter" than 250k pots, and 1M pots are even brighter and also applicable to use in guitars.
So I am to understand:
Volume POT
-----Audio Tapering
-----Don't have a measured resistance
Tone POT
-----Connected with a .022uf or .047uf cap (between POT and pickup selector or between POT and Pickup?
-----Use a 250k, 500k, or 1M ohm (brighter means... what? Higher Pitched? Does that kill lower pitched? I play rock/metal... not really acoustic, so i assume 250k is good for me?)

To connect the POTs:
----Left would be pickup selector
----Middle would be the pickup
----Right would be ground

Since I'm trying to control these on a per-pickup basis, I'm assuming the pots go in series between the pickup and the pickup selector. Volume first, then tone? Or other way around?

Image of propsed

And can you explain further on "concentric pots"? I buy all my electronic components on mouser.com so, if you could help me out here... (can't find them)
It sounds like a 2-in-1 pot which would be really helpful 'cause I may try this with my guitar too, a Epiphone Les Paul Special-II, which has a really small cavity, and I don't think I'd be able to fit 4 individual POTs in its cavity, along with the pickup selector and a kill switch.
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^that pic is incorrect btw. volume control is wired right. tone is not.
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potentiometers come in ranges from 5k to above 1M.

for single coils it's suggested 250k. humbuckers generally 500k. 300k sometimes (harder to find) are substituted... some people like them. Thing to do is play the guitar as is, if he likes it but wants more wiring options, take a look at the electronics and make sure you use the same. (if it's 500k pots use 500k pots.)

volume and tone pots both are rated as having resistance. so the third line after volume pot listing is not true.
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So, between the vol and tone I should've had a capacitor, and that pic is right?

And for the audio tapering volume pot, what resistance should it have? It's been answered already that the tone should be 250k, or 500k.

And If I want a Master Volume, I should just put a audio tapering pot between the pickup selector and the output, right?