Ok sure enough its a girl problem.Theres this chick I like and weve been so-so friends a long while now.I just realised a few weeks ago how much I like her though.I asked her out once then she turned me down but still flirted with me all the time.I asked her out again and she said she deosnt know if she wants 2 go out with me.And thats where im at now.She still flirts with me and she told one of her friends who also happens 2 be one of my friends that she thought I was really cute.But still no answer.What should I do guys.Im really startin 2 fall 4 her.
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pull the old chloroform trick.
EDIT: maybe try and ask her when shes flirting with u
this should be in the relationship thread btw.
Don't pressure her. She doesn't want to go out with you, she already told you. Don't be that creepy guy.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
I know dude thats what im worried about.I dont want 2 be that creepy guy.But as soon as I give up she comes right back and practically says "hey wanna go out."
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