so, i have song acid pro 6.0, i just got it, and well im finding it abit hard and was wondering if anyone can help me for a minute,

when i record the first track is fine but then when i try to record another it lags, doesn't record straight away can can one help me??
please i would apreciate any help thanks

sorry if im being noobish,
i dont really wanan download it, sorry but i have 6, anyone? help? please im confused on why its lagging when i try to record a second track
umm i have a brand new labtop 1.8gz dual core processor, and audacity.... i just dont like the sound,
thanks shelby(is that your real name if it is nice name!!!) i'll have a look around there anyone else have any ideas
you probably lack an asio driver
get asio 4 all then configre it to so that there is no delay
also when recording dont listen directly to what your recording it will mess up your mind with ms of lag
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ok i downloaded asio4all,

thanks you so much every one for the help =]=]

thanks heaps
i bought acid music studio myself, first, what are u using for a soundcard, or an imput, lower the bit rate on that, i had the exact same problem with mine, also,serach up latency in help and it should help with how to fix it, or, u could allways drag the track into position after youve finished recvording