I have been doing research online about getting a new entry-level acoustic (something around $300). I have narrowed it down to a list that I want to check out and play in person at Guitar Center to make my decision. Problem is GC does not carry Washburn and I searched on their website and the nearest dealer is some 75 miles away. The specific model I really wanted to take a look at was the Washburn D30S.

Should I just say forget about the Washburn and make a choice from the other acoustics on my list? Obviously I want to play something before making a purchase, but damn I love the headstock on those Washburns and I have heard good things about them. What you think?
so you have your heart set on the washburn for the headstock? I like ovations for the rounded backs/ really comfortable.
The D30 is definitely a competitive guitar in its price range from my experience. It is preferred to play before buying but buying online is an option.
I would not say I have my heart set on it, I have a whole list of guitars in that range and I like the way all of them look. I would never buy a guitar just for the look, I guess I am just a little dissapointed because it seems like I am s**t out of luck because I wont even get to try it out.