So, I know it's cliche and all that, but for my little acoustic solo project I thought I'd kick off by covering Wonderwall. I tried to blend the original Oasis version with a little bit of the Ryan Adam's cover.

Give me some feedback?

Crit for crit.

Add me and stay tuned for some original stuff in the next few days.

Living in Fiction
ok well overall i thought this song was really well done but i have some crits.
it sounds in the first verse a couple words are out of sync or out of place with the guitar. I really liked the bridge you really made it your own and the coruse was great also your voice is really easy to listen to and i enjoyed the cover overall

4/5 great job overall, lookin forward to more
"Through every dark night there is a bright day after that so no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it."
Very good. I agree with Soul Blazer, your voice is really easy to listen to. sounds great! 4/5
I got to say that I also agree with the others. Its not perfect but neithers anything. Its an interesting take on the rhythm in the first verse especially which paid off quite well in making this something more than just Oasis. I like the way it is not exactly the same as the original

Great work though. I can't even sing let alone do it whilst playing guitar