Hey, guys, I have seen lots of different pedals at the stores, and I know that they are different effects you can put on your Guitar, but how exactly do they work, and you plug them into the amp right? Someone please just tell me all about them. Thanks!
^^^Thats what I thought you did, I just wasn't sure. What about pedal boards with more than like 5 pedals?
Basic: Guitar-cable-(effects pedals)-cable-amplifier.

Many different pedal effects have different sounds. Try looking on youtube or try em out for yourself at the store.
first off yes you plug them into your amp and then you plug your guitar into the pedal so that it runs in a line


and as for pedals well where do i start lol

Its as it sounds it distorts your sound or Overdrives your signal, it gives you that cool rock sound lol, many different pedal sounds Tube screamer is your Gary Moore tone, MT-2 is your heavy metal tone

This splits your signal from your guitar into 2 and it detunes one slighty depending on the depth rate it gives it that sorta 12 string sound if you have the depth rate low - mid

well like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin lol it takes your signal from your guitar and you hear it from your amp and tehn depending on the time delay you can hear it repeat fast or if the time is large it will have a larger gap inbetween, Time is usualy measured in ms

Wah Wah
This makes you sound funky by moving through the frquency range to mimic a human saying the word Wah

there are a few more pedals but those are the most used ones.

I hope this answered your question lol if not then it was fun typing this lol made me think how much my Sound Engineering exam taught me lol


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Quote by guitarman2332
^^^Thats what I thought you did, I just wasn't sure. What about pedal boards with more than like 5 pedals?

That can be a bunch of single effect pedals placed on a board. There are also multi-effects pedals which have many different sounds effects built in but some people prefer single effects saying they sound better than multi-effects.