Hey GG&A
First off, any Australians looking for custom made cabinets, if you haven't seen this site, just thought I'd post it for you guys:
Anywho, I'm in the market for a Mark IV (Mesa). I plan on buying it from US eBay (any other recommendations?) I wanted to buy a head because I've heard the combos are kinda mid-heavy. So I'm in the market for a good 2 x 12 that will run me under $700AUD (about $650 USD, but bear in mind we get pretty much bent over and taken to brown town with gear) I'd much rather the cab be in Australia, but I'll buy from the US if the price is right. So far I've looked at:
Traynor YCX 2 x 12" (the wattage rating is only 80 watts however, will this be a problem?): http://www.bmusic.com.au/prod3692.htm
And this Marshall
Also, I was looking at some of the custom amps on that guys website and I was gonna shoot him an email for the most cost effective 2 x 12". But I've no idea what speakers to get, I was thinking Celestion V30s, I've heard nothing but good things, but then again I've heard the Eminence > Celestion. There's also Weber to choose from, as well as Scumback? So if someone could shed some light it would be much appreciated
So if anyone can shed some light on my situation, recommend me some cabs, link me to some good 2 x 12"s or anything else that could help, please don't be afraid to contribute. Lastly, I should mention I play rock, metal (mostly modern style), hardcore, blues and some jazz.
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I'm not sure about 2X12 cabs, But if you google "music swop shop melbourne" or something, They have a second hand 1960a cab, or a peavey valveking cab and what not.
Thanks Moe.
On a different note, does anyone know the name of the website that's like an Aussie Craigslist?
Try melband, They'd have some classified ads.
Apart from that, I'm not too sure; I only know of music swop shop, and melband.