Ive been listening to a lot of enter shikari lately and im really into the way the blend a bit of techno into it. I was wondering what software would be best for me to use to make up some techno stuff and what equipment I would need if I wanted to perform it live or if anyone knows what they're using that would be awesome
to perform live, you pretty much need a computer with speakers, a turntable and thats about it. actually CREATING it though, i haven't a clue.
Hang on, you're talking about techno and METAL, yet you speak of enter shikari?
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Theres a band called As The World Fades who only have two guitarists and a vocalist, but they use Reason for drums and keys. For live performances, youd need a laptop (with the program of your choice), and a venue with a PA system.
check out the album mosaiq by blood stain child...amazing techno / melodic death, and i'm pretty sure all those techno bits were done on a keyboard (judging by their video clip)
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Hang on, you're talking about techno and METAL, yet you speak of enter shikari?

I think he just means techno and hard rock.

Sky Eats Airplane is good too. So is Panic at the Disco......
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You seem to have mixed metal up with hardcore.

Please try again.
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Yeah these would be great for making music.

it even comes with a starwars mascot for your band!
I play a lot of techno-based stuff using a guitar and a few delay pedals and effects. The band I am in also plays a lot of heavy stuff so we balance each other out. Check us out here


or live. We play in San Diego as much as possible.
It's called Technical Metal, and Necrophagist leads the genre.

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check out the album mosaiq by blood stain child...amazing techno / melodic death

Holy **** dude. You're right. I had an eargasm the second I started listening to one of their songs on youtube. Thanks for the recommendation.
If you wanted to be like Enter Shikari, you would need a Korg synth thing and a keyboard thing. It's basically the thing they have at the start of the Sorry You're Not A Winner video.
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If you dont mind a little core influence with the metal then check out Genghis Tron. Especially their newest album.
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Horse The Band is the greatest in this style of music.

One of my favorite bands, but I'm not entirely sure they fit in this category. Just because they have a keyboardist doesn't mean it's techno (then again my definition of the genre isn't exactly educated).
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