So i'm Asian (AZN lolol ) and well, i've never really cared about my hair until now. Maybe I've been seeing more Asians getting funky hair styles or something.

But i've heard that you can't achieve certain looks with thick or thin hair. The thing is i have no clue how to tell thick hair from thin hair and visa versa.

So the question is: How do i know if my hair is thin or thick?


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if you wet your hair, and can see your scalp, its thin.

if it feels heavy when it gets long, and is hard to run a comb through it, its thick. being asian your hair is most likely very smooth and silky, so its probably thin. upload a picture,
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If it's long and thick people laugh at you for having a wannabe afro.
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Quote by bradulator
If it's long and thick people laugh at you for having a wannabe afro.

its true........so true
I dont mean to be offensive or anything, but theres always groups of east asian guys at my school who do their hair in the bathroom. Its weird cause they all go in groups. Even when they just have to take a piss, they go together. Its not the same guys either. It just seems like most of the east asian guys at my school do their hair in the washroom. :/
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