So my friend and I just got done playing ping pong from 11:45 to 1:45 a.m. It seriously was like the most fun i've had in a while.
Do any of you guys play and what kinda paddles/where do you guys play?
What would you rate yourself outta 10?
I use a killer spin.
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I play in gym class when our teachers get lazy and don't want to do anything, so they make us play pingpong. We use one peice plastic paddles.
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im, well im rubbish at ping-pong. lets leave it at that. never understood how some people could be so good at it.
I've got a table in my basement. Just use the wooden paddles that came with the table. I used to be really awesome at it because my band would play it for a couple hours every practice. But now we actually practice so my skills have diminished. I'm still pretty good.
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what a fake sport

Buddy, if you're actually playing like really playing, it is one of the most intense sports ever. I used to play a lot (gotta set up my table again) and would be sweating and tired in the end.
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Buddy, if you're actually playing like really playing, it is one of the most intense sports ever. I used to play a lot (gotta set up my table again) and would be sweating and tired in the end.

no believe me I know.. it was more sarcastic than anything.. not that I'm saying I think it's a real sport but it's definitely a workout.. I play at my girlfriend's house every now and then
Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine.
We go drinking from time to time.
lol i play at university all the time, and not to be a douche, but my friends here are fantastic at it - like they ruin anyone who has ever said 'oh yea, ping pong? i'm awesome" and then they play and get demolished ahah as if it matters at all. I'm mediocre myself, and i play somewhat regularly. I'll admit it's a fun game to watch, and it's usually awesome to play.
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i've got a table in my garage, unfortunatly my garage isn't heated so i can't play during this looooooong winter
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one time i went to this crazy house where my friends uncle stay over the summer
it was totally unfurnished except for 1 couch, 1 tv, a few cabinets, and a bed in each bedroom
nothing on the walls or anything
anyway, there was this one room that was completely empty, except for a ping pong table, so the balls hitting the table and paddles were really loud
and since there was nothing else in the room, we could be reckless and hit the ball as hard as we like
the only rule was that the ball couldnt roll
lolololol we're rebelsssss
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