I wrote this base on how addicting drug life can be and how deceiving it can be. Its put to where you dont really know what the drug is, your ability to not stop it or run, or the storm as it weathers on you.

As the rain comes I stay

A fiery storm with rain like clay

If only the clouds could hear

But they thunder words like wish you were here

As the rain runs I sit

A fiery storm that can not quit

If only the wind would calm

But wind is a verse in the storms song

As the rain crys I sink

A fiery storm that's on it's brink

If only the storm could get home

But it's a long journey traveled alone

As the wheels turn I spin

A fiery storm searching for its' ken

If only the storm wouldn't weap

But it's contrast is dark and the regret is deep

As the storm passes I know

A fiery storm crying out all its' lows

If only the storm was as dark as it seemed

But I've weathered the path and now the guilt is clean

Some minor spelling errors, rectify those for a smoother prose.

Weathered the path and now the guilt is clean = favourite line. Good job.