I don't have a mic and need to record. But when I use the internal mic it sounds terrible. It sounded fine with my tiny little SS practice amp. But when I used my Traynor YCV40 it sounded awful.
Do I need to place it a certain distance from the amp, or make some other adjustment?
Or am I just going to have to wait til I can use a mic?
is there a line in on the macbook? if so, just get a 6.5 - 3.5 adapter and plug your guitar in. Then use the garageband amp models to record?
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I think the internal mic works really well. Usually when i record i keep my amp close to my computer and put some pillows around them - sounds better like that!
i use my macbook for recording just using garageband and some auxiliary programs. i have my guitar hooked up straight from my pedal through to the audio/line in on the macbook. all it took was a 2 dollar adapter from 1/4 to 1/8th inch available at radio shack. the resulting tone is infinitely better quality and clarity than the built in mic. i used to have the guitar run through my amp, and that works well also.
It's all relative. The best is to get a small USB or Firewire interface, an XLR cable, and a microphone and connect that into the Macbook itself. This is probably the simplest interface you can get.
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